Welcome to La Phooka!


You can find info on our upcoming gigs at our Facebook page – here

We’re an Oxfordshire based 5-piece band of all different shapes and sizes.

Together we play original songs & tunes (along with a clutch of covers).

What style? Listen below for a fuller picture … but we range from folk-pop, upbeat foot-tapping, dancing-shoes-on numbers through to beautiful ballads and instrumentals. From whistles and bag-pipes to bouzouki and mandolin, from diatonic accordion to all manner of guitars. And bass & drums of course. Multi-part harmony vocals complete the sound.

A party band.                  An original.               Ready to raise the roof and move your hearts.

Most of our material is our own.

This, though, is an early version of a cover – Wild Mountainside.

A beautiful track written by the Trashcan Sinatras.

A very early version of ours.

I know it LOOKS like a kitchen, but it’s actually an avant garde film set.

No, you’re right. It IS a kitchen.

That’s just how we roll.

Anyway …this is our version – enjoy.


Get your ears ‘ere.

New Album

It’s coming … it’s in the trees …

Meet the Band

Who plays what. Why? Some of these questions answered here.


It’s not pretty, but what did you expect?

And, of course, you can find us just chillin’ with the kids over in Facebook world.

Come say hi. We don’t bite.

Well, Jon does, but that’s why he’s always got a chaperone.

Here be dragons: La Phooka FaceofWonderBook Page

Oh, my pretty things, the fun doesn’t stop there.

No by Jiminy it doesn’t.

What’s that you want? To actually SEE us in action?

Well each to their own, I guess.

If that’s what you want, fill your boots here.

(It’s our YouTube account, you silly noggin … what DID you expect?!)

If you want to here us without seeing us (and who can blame you)
it’s all here for your listening pleasure.

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Ceilidhs, parties, weddings, balls, festivals, open mic … we’ve done ’em all and we’re still doing so! How about at yours?