OOOOHHH ... You Lucky Devil ... Ready for Some Grooooooves ...?

We like recording stuff. We especially like it because we get to spend time in Steve’s own studio.

That’s where we experiment. We get to play. We get to sing. We get to have a blast.

Then YOU get to share in the pleasure.

You could mozy over to our Soundcloud page here: La Phooka Wall of Soundcloud

or you can just press play on any of the tracks below.

Enjoy. That’s what they’re there for.

Don’t look BELOW the audio below though … there’s dark forces lurking there.

You’re not going to are you?

Well, on your own head be it.

Mason’s Apron set

Rock out with bagpipes, strings and more.

Sailed  Away

Because it can’t always be happy.

And, of course, you can find us just chillin’ with the kids over in Facebook world.

Come say hi. We don’t bite.

Well, Jon does, but that’s why he’s always got a chaperone.

Here be dragons: La Phooka FaceofWonderBook Page

Oh, my pretty things, the fun doesn’t stop there.

No by Jiminy it doesn’t.

What’s that you want? To actually SEE us in action?

Well each to their own, I guess.

If that’s what you want, fill your boots here.

(It’s our YouTube account, you silly noggin … what DID you expect?!)