Rich writes most of the songs for La Phooka.

Except for the ones not in D, G or C.

He’s the lead vocalist – Rich by name, rich by vocal nature.

He’s also the band’s fine purveyor of whistles and bag-pipes.

And the occasional strumming on guitar.

You may have seen him in Downton Abbey, Peaky Blinders, Father Brown…..

                                Unless you blinked.

                                     You may have seen him on The Voice.

                               He got through to the live semi-final.

                               On bagpipes.





Steve is the band’s knob-twiddler.

And the main guitarist.

And bouzouki player.

And mandolin.

And he’s an ace drummer too.

He’s as clever as he is big.

That means he’s very clever.

Some of the tunes are his too.

The clever ones – those that involve C#minor 9,13


Chris is the squeezy one in the band.

Some call it a melodeon.

Others call it a diatonic button accordion.

Most just call it “the box”.

Either way it’s a stupid choice of instrument.

So stupid, he needs a different box to play with the bag pipes.

You might also find him playing double bass or keyboards.

                                       And filling out the harmonies in backing vocals.

                                   Some of the tunes are his too.



Gary plays bass.

Seriously well.

Sometimes upright.

Mostly sideways.

He’s played with big names.

He’s in demand in all manner of bands.

But he’s OUR bass player.

Good choice, Gary.


Jon hits things.

And kicks things.

All sizes, all shapes.

Jon likes drums especially.

And he gets cross if they’re not in tune.

Drums … in tune?

                                              Oh yes. Jon tunes drums.

                                               He doesn’t sing though.

                                                  He would … but we don’t let him.

                                                  It’s just better that way.

                                                    We’ve done the listening so you don’t have to.

                                                   So Jon (skilfully and sensitively) hits and kicks things.